Cattani MicroSmart Dry Vacuum
Chicago X-Ray Systems, is proud to
introduce into the dry vac market, the new
Cattani MicroSmart!!!
Chicago X-Ray Systems, Inc.
Prospect Heights, IL 60070

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MicroSmart's suction motor weighs only
16lbs, however, thanks to VSD Technology it
outperforms suction motors of double its
weight and dimensions.

The VSD facilitates optimal utilisation of the
motor and reduces operating costs.

The energy saving is most evident when the
suction is underutilised; when the demand  
on the suction decreases, the VSD reduces
the power frequency to reduce speed.  A
reduction in motor speed results in a reduced energy absorption by the motor,
providing a saving in electrical consumption.  

MicroSmart is able to handle
unexpected operational situations,
without even stopping.  Consistent
suction is granted.
  1. In difficult operational conditions, for example high temperatures,
    MicroSmart continues to operate without any damage to the unit.  It does
    this through automatically decreasing the vacuum level until the
    temperature returns to normal.
  2. In the case of excessive fluids from the surgeries entering the MicroSmart,
    an auto-protection system operates, momentarily  opening a re-circulation
    valve, thus stopping the unit from being flooded.  This also causes a
    momentary decrease in the speed of the suction motor, with the surgeries
    only noticing a minimal fluctuation if any at all, as the system goes back to
    its previous speed once the fluids are processes.
  3. Thanks to the MicroSmart's computerised control, any sudden voltage
    fluctuations and/or current overload with the system's parameters, will not
    cause the unit to stop operating.