Chicago X-Ray Systems, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Mr. Al Sosa, a senior
technical support specialist for Ritter-Midwest who later became the
technical manager for United States Dental.

As the name implies, Chicago X-Ray Systems, started with the promotion of
Dental X-Ray Equipment manufactured in Italy by FIAD S.P.A, a member of
the Villa Group (presently called Villa Sistemi Medicali).  As a result of the
introduction and  distribution of the ROTOGRAPH PLUS, EXPLOR-X 70,
and AZTECH, Mr. Al Sosa brought himself recognition of  the largest
supplier of European Compressors, company
Cattani. Cattani, is an OEM
provider for a large manufacturer of compressor products, here in the US.
Cattani also provides parts to NASA for its shuttle program.  

Today, Chicago X-Ray Systems, has added new companies such as
(an independent division of the Sirona Company,)
Coramex, S.A, Mocom
S.P.A., and Bemems.

Based primarily in the service to the end user and providing equipment to
many dental dealers with emphasis on the independents, Chicago X-Ray
Systems, continues to service many customers across the United States
and internationally. Countries such as Ghana, Iraq, New Zealand, Tahiti,
Australia, Korea, and the whole of Latin America, are counted among our
happy customers.

Chicago X-Ray Systems, Inc. has been the launching pad for many foreign
companies into the US and Latin American market. Although the name
emphasizes dental x-rays, Chicago X-Ray Systems, also sells a fine line of
Sterilizers, Dry Air Compressors and Dry Vacuum Systems, with the goal of
providing fine dental equipment at an affordable price.
Chicago X-Ray Systems, Inc.
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Chicago X-Ray Systems, Inc.
Prospect Heights, IL 60070

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